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The Summary of the Exchange with the Education University of Hong Kong

Date: 2019-07-29       Visitcount: 0

From July 23rd to 27th, students of College of Education of Zhejiang University visited Education University of Hong Kong and attended various lectures.

On July 23rd, a lecture was delivered by Professor Huang on the topic ‘Hong Kong as a Global Cultural Melting Pot’. In this lecture, Professor Huang gave a general introduction about popular culture and food culture in Hong Kong.

      On July 24th, Pro. Huang gave a lecture about Hong Kong as a global city in the morning.

     In the afternoon, students visited Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Museum OF Medical Sciences and Hollywood Road.

     On July 25th, Pro. Wu delivered a lecture about School-Family-Community Partnership.

    In the afternoon, students went to the International Financial Center of Hong Kong to have a overlook of Victoria Harbour and the center of Hong Kong.

    Then students went to PMQ, which means police married quarter. Now, it is used to be a platform for designers from different countries.

    On July 26th, lectures about educational leadership and internationalised higher education of Hong Kong was given by Pro. Wu. Moreover, students had a small talking and presentation about the development of higher education in Hangzhou.

In the afternoon, students attended some conferences from different scholars about their new papers and researches.

   In the evening, groups of students gave a review and summary of our journey in Hong Kong.

    On July 27th, the whole journey was over and students went back to Hangzhou. Through this 7-day journey to Hong Kong, students know more about Hong Kong’s history and culture. They have a general understanding about the education of Hong Kong and Education University of Hong Kong.

ArticleWang Ping

Photo: Yu Junjie, Wang Ping, Teng Zitong, Zhang Jing and Yu Chenran

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