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Summer School Program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa

Date: 2019-07-25       Visitcount: 0

On July 14, 12 undergraduates from College of Education of Zhejiang University went to the University of Hawaii, Manoa to conduct an academic and cultural exchange program for two weeks.

Hawaii has a special location and unique folk customs, surrounded by the sea, which looks extremely beautiful on the plane. The team arrived at Honolulu airport at 8 a.m. local time on July 14.

After arrival, teachers from College of Education and Graduate School gave us impressive speeches. Denis, who is in charge of the exchange program, briefly introduced the schedule of the next few days and showed us around UMH, leaving us plenty of time to rest for the following study and experience.

UHM has prepared rich contents for this exchange activity. The academic English lesson in morning was not as boring as it sounded and the classmate's participation was unexpectedly high. Thanks to the creative lecturer, we believed that in the next two weeks, the students’ English level would have a great promotion. Besides, a professional from the UHM joined the classroom dialogue with the classmates. Although we come from different countries, but we had no obstacles and barriers. Later, we entered the classes of different majors in the university to experience the UHM classroom atmosphere and different thinking modes of foreign students.

In addition to learning tasks, there will be cultural activities with distinctive features. Students will participate in many activities organized by students and workshops. The next two weeks are sure to be filled with even more memorable experiences, including a visit to Lolani Palace, and a mountaineering tour of the botanical garden.

Edited by Wang Xiaoyang

Photo by Delegation Members

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