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Prof. ZHOU Lijun from ZJU’s College of Education was elected to the Executive Committee of World Leisure Organization

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Prof. ZHOU Lijun, Deputy Dean of ZJU’s College of Education, Director of World Leisure Center of Excellence at Zhejiang University (WLCE-ZJU), was elected to the Executive Committee of World Leisure Organization (WLO) on April 1. The Executive Committee, as the steering committee of WLO, is composed of the officers of WLO and up to 5 members elected by and from the Board, with a balanced diversity of backgrounds and skills representing the business, financial, academic, government and the non-profit communities. Members of the Executive Committee are initially appointed for staggered terms of three years. Reelection by the Board of Directors for a three-year term is possible. The Committee’s duties and responsibilities include meeting at the call of the Chair, reviewing periodically the goals of WLO and monitoring progress toward meeting them, serving as the Evaluation Committee for Elections, receiving and acting upon programs and event proposals, determining program priorities, monitoring the financial affairs of WLO and setting annual revenue and expenditure budgets, recommending proposals for the investments of funds. Prof. ZHOU Lijun has been the board member of WLO since the year of 2011, and now she is the Executive Committee member of WLO.


World Leisure Organization, established in 1952, is an unofficial organization with consultative status with the UN and has a good cooperative relationship with UNESCO and other official and non-official organizations of relevant countries and regions. It is committed to exploring and creating various favorable conditions for leisure to become the driving force for human growth, development and happiness. The main activities of WLO include holding the biennial World Leisure Exposition and the biennial World Leisure Congress and so on.


Zhejiang University became part of the WLCE network in 2018, as the first member in Asia and the forth globally. Currently, the WLCE net is composed of five Centers with their own characteristics. The WLCE at Zhejiang University, based in ZJU’s College of Education with Prof. ZHOU Lijun as the director, leads the other centers in sports leisure & health and leisure education. The Centers cooperate in international research projects, field schools, study tours, internships, international conferences and other aspects, playing a role as a think tank for global leisure research.

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