Notice on Academic Lecture by Nianhua Gu and Bev Galley

Date: 2018-09-28       Visitcount: 324

12:45-16:30pm Sept. 28 2018 
Room 224, No. 2 West Teaching Building, Xixi Campus

Prof. LIN Xiaomei

Topic 1

The significance of Chinese Kongfu external communication under the background of internationalization
Ms. Nianhua Gu
-Business ambassador of Hamilton municipal government, Ontario, Canada.
-Ambassador of China and Canada in Ma'anshan, Anqing, Fuzhou and Jiaxing municipal government, etc.
-Deputy director of ESL teaching and Research Center, North America, Canada.
-Vice chairman of the Canadian Kongfu Association International Exchange Center.

-Director of education consultation center of new century.

Topic 2

Application and Breakthrough of Overseas Communication Language for Students Majoring in National Traditions
Ms. Bev Galley
-Teachers of Toronto College, Ontario, Canada.
-Association experts.
-Special education specialist of Toronto University and York University, who is be proficient in various languages.
-Miss Galley devotes her life to "life and career skills" research in long term, and focuses on learning, decision making, value clarification and communication skills.

All welcome!
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