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Basic Theory of Education

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In 2007, the discipline of Basic Theory of Education began to recruit doctoral students. There are 4 full-time faculty members, including 2 professors and 2 associate professors, all of whom have overseas experience.
The Discipline is committed to the realization of the integration of classical theoretical research and contemporary primary and secondary education reform practice. While paying attention to the construction of basic theory, it actively participates in and integrates research in the fields of primary and secondary education reform, educational development planning and policy. Not only does it create very fruitful results, but it also enhances the practical influence of educational theory.

Research Direction
Basic Theory of Education, Basic Education Research, Teachers’ Education

Doctoral Supervisor
FANG Zhanhua, SUN Yuantao, WEI Xianchao

Master Supervisor
FANG Zhanhua, SUN Yuantao, WEI Xianchao

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