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The discipline of Curriculum and Instruction is one of the leading academic research focuses of modern instructional theory in China. Professor YU Ziyi, one of the important founders of modern instructional theory, has been teaching here for a long time. In 1948, the Institute of Education Research at National Zhejiang University was established, which was the earliest institute to enroll graduate students in curriculum and pedagogy in China. The current discipline of Curriculum and Instruction is immerged by original two disciplines of instruction theory and subject teaching theory. The discipline has started to recruit students since 1982, master students since 1984 it, and doctoral students since 2008.
Over the past 40 years, with the endeavor of generations of distinguished professors, hundreds of outstanding students in this field have graduated. The discipline itself was designated as a key supporting discipline of Zhejiang province in 2003.Currently, there are 4 professors and 6 associate professors in the discipline, and three research platforms, namely Zhejiang University Basic Education Curriculum Research Center by Ministry of Education, Zhejiang University Institute of Educational Science and Technology Education, Zhejiang University Textbook Research Center.
The discipline has made fruitful achievements in scientific research. In 1983, Prof. ZHANG Dingzhang presided over the comprehensive experiment of "The Optimal Development of Primary School Students" for six years, which was once praised as one of the "four educational experiment schools" in China at that time. Prof. LIU Li’s "Education Experiment of Abacus Mental Calculation" and Prof. SHENG Qunli’s "Exploration of Personality Optimization Education" won the second prize of the 2nd National Education Science Excellent Achievement (1999). "Theory of Educational Experiment" by Prof. LIU Li, "Modernity: The Centennial Value Proposition of Chinese Language Education" by Prof. LIU Zhengwei have won the second and third prize of the 4th National Education Science Excellent Achievements. Associate Prof. LIU Hui’s "Search for Concepts: Historical Review of Contemporary Chinese Curriculum Research", Prof. XIAO Longhai’s “Performance-based Learning Research and Prof. LIU Zhengwei’s “The Dissemination of CAI Yuanpei’s Moral Education theory and Western Moral Education Theory in the Late Qing Dynasty and the Early Republic of China” have won the second prize, the third prize and the third prize of the 5th National Education Science Outstanding Achievement respectively. Prof. SHENG Qunli’s "Modern Instruction Design Theory”, Associate Prof. ZHANG Wenjun’s “Comparative Curriculum Theory”, “Curriculum Vision”, and “Curriculum Theory and its Practical Exemplars”, Associate Prof. TU Liya’s “From Conceptualization to Deliberation: Research on Curriculum Policy Process”, Associate Prof. CHENG Hongyu’s “Preliminary Exploration on the Influence of Cognitive Style on Classroom Learning Behavior Mechanism” has won the second, third and third prizes of Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science of Zhejiang Province. “Promoting Curriculum and Instruction Reform through Multi-dimensional models in Primary and Secondary School: Exploration Based on University Curriculum and Instruction Professionals” hosted by Prof. SHENG Qunli has won the second Prize of National Excellent Teaching Achievements. In recent years, members of the discipline have published more than 60 academic monographs and published more than 500 academic papers. Currently, the members have hosted more than 10 national, provincial and ministry level projects.
Based on applied research and comprehensive research, this discipline is devoted to exploring the curriculum and teaching theories and methods and techniques suitable for China's educational practice, attaching importance to absorbing international advanced educational theories, conducting research in connection with practice, and promoting curriculum and education reform. It has formed advantages and characteristics in education and teaching experiments, curriculum and instructional design, subject teaching methods, educational measurement and statistical techniques.
This discipline focuses on the internationalization in talent cultivation. In recent years, it has established a stable mechanism and platform for the joint cultivation of doctoral students with Teachers College of Columbia University, University of California-Berkeley, University of California-Los Angeles, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Free university of Berlin, etc.

Research Direction
Curriculum Theory and Curriculum History Research, Instruction Theory and Design Application, Curriculum Policy and Instruction Management, Curriculum Comparative Research, Curriculum Design and Textbook Development, Subject Teaching, Learning Science, Classroom Teaching Reform, Education Psychology Research, Teacher Education

Doctoral Supervisor
LIU Zhengwei, SHENG Qunli, XIAO Longhai, YE Yinghua

Master Supervisor
CHENG Hongyu, HE Shanyun, LIU Hui, LIU Zhengwei, SHENG Qunli, TU Liya, XIAO Longhai, YE Yinghua, ZHANG Wenjun

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