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The discipline of Comparative Education has a long history, profound cultural heritage and excellent academic team. It has a good academic reputation and academic influence at home and abroad. The Discipline was authorized to award master degree in 1982 and doctoral degree in 1985. It is one of the earliest disciplines in China to award the doctoral degree in comparative education. Since 1999, this discipline has been a key discipline in Zhejiang Province. Prof. WANG Chengxu is one of the important founders of the discipline of comparative education in China and he worked with Prof.GU Mingyuan to co-edit new China’s first textbook in Comparative Education. He was presented the UNESCO Lifetime Achievement Award. The internationally renowned scholars in comparative education, such as Edmund King, Robert Arnove, Ruth Hayhoe, Keith Levin, Philip G. Altbach, Robert A. Rhoads, etc. have ever visited and conducted academic exchange.
This discipline has established a team of full-time and part-time teachers with reasonable and energetic echelon. There are 10 full-time teachers, 7 of whom are doctoral supervisors and 9 are master's supervisors. For a long time, the discipline has formed characteristics and advantages in the fields of comparative higher education, British education research, comparison on education policy, and innovation and entrepreneurship education. The academic team conducted a number of major research projects sponsored by international organizations and national, provincial and ministerial bodies. The faculty members of this discipline actively engaged in the social services and participate in central and local government policy consultation to server for education reform and development.
The Discipline has a high-level international cooperation platform and a strong international academic atmosphere. There are four international platforms, i.e. Associated Center for UNESCO-Asia-Pacific Program of Educational Innovation for Development (APEID), Secretariat of Global University Network for Innovation: Asia-Pacific (GUNI-AP), UNESCO Chair of Entrepreneurship Education at Zhejiang University, and UNESCO EE-Net National Chapter in China.

Research Direction
Comparison on Educational Policy, Comparative Higher Education, Comparative Vocational Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Doctoral Supervisor
KAN Yue, Lorraine Pe Symaco, SONG Yonghua,WANG Libing, WU Xueping, XU Xiaozhou, ZHU Huaixin

Master Supervisor
KAN Yue, LIU Shuhua, Lorraine Pe Symaco, MEI Weihui, WANG Libing, WU Xueping, XU Xiaozhou, ZHAI Junqing, ZHU Huaixin

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