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Relying on the Institute of Higher Education and the Graduate Education Development Research Center, the discipline of Higher Education was approved as a master's degree in 1996. In 2007, it started to enroll doctoral students. There are 4 professors, 6 associate professors and 2 ZJU 100 Young Professors.
This discipline conducts comprehensive interdisciplinary research on higher education, pays attention to tracking the development trend of international higher education, and links with the actual reform of higher education reform in the university and the region. In the fields of higher education, comparative higher education, degree and postgraduate education, it has formed its own research characteristics in China.

Research Direction
Principles of Higher Education, Comparative Higher Education, Higher Education Management, Higher Education History, Degree and Postgraduate Education

Doctoral Supervisor
GU Jianming, HAN Shuangmiao, HUANG Yating, SUI Yifan, WANG Lihua, ZHOU Guping

Master Supervisor
GU Jianming, HAN Shuangmiao, HUANG Yating, LAN Jinsong, LIN Weilian, SHAO Xingjiang, SUI Yifan, WANG Aiguo, WANG Hui, WANG Lihua, ZHANG Jia, ZHOU Guping

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