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Humane and Sociological Science of Sports

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The discipline of Sports Humanities and Sociology now has 10 teachers in sports, humanities and health, including 5 professors, 4 associate professors and 1 assistant professor. Among them, there are 1 member of the Teaching Masters Committee of the Master of Sports, 1 provincial teacher of Zhejiang Province, 1 member of the World Leisure Organization and 1 Executive Director of the World Leisure Sports Association. Relying on the Sports Industry Research Base of the General Administration of Sports of China and the Key Research Base of the General Administration of Sports of China, under the background of healthy China, the three research teams of Sports Leisure and Health Industry, Sports and Mental Health and Student Physical Health have formed the discipline characteristics of “production-study-research”.
In recent years, the Discipline has won 8 national-level projects such as the National Social Science Fund, more than 10 provincial-level projects, and nearly 30 projects funded by enterprise and research institutes; published dozens of academic papers in SSCI source journals and authoritative journals, and published nearly 20 monographs, editors, translations, and textbooks; received nearly 10 provincial and ministerial awards; made more than 20 topics and special reports at international and domestic conferences.
The Discipline has hosted conferences such as the National Conference on Exercise Psychology and the National Master of Physical Education Steering Committee, which has produced a good academic influence. At the same time, the research team submitted nearly 20 consultation reports to General Administration of Sport of China, Sports Bureau of Zhejiang Province, local government, schools and local sports teams, and was adopted by relevant departments, which produced good social effects.

Research Direction
Sports Leisure and Health Industry, Sports and Mental Health, Student Physical Health

Doctoral Supervisor
CONG Huping, LIN Xiaomei, YU Kehong, ZHENG Fang, ZHOU Lijun

Master Supervisor
CHEN Zhiqiang, CONG Huping, HU Liang, LIN Nan, SI Qi, YU Kehong, ZHENG Fang, ZHOU Lijun

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