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Physical Education and Training

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The discipline of Physical Education and Training is a discipline that studies the basic theories and methods of physical education and sports training. It is closely related to the development of education and sports in China. It is of great significance for promoting the development of national fitness activities, promoting the reform of physical education and teaching in China, improving the level of sports training and competition, and promoting international sports exchanges.
There are 7 full-time teachers in the discipline, including 2 professors and 5 associate professors. The Discipline is supported by sports training, computer technology, leisure studies and education. The aim is to cultivate talents with a broad international perspective that can independently and creatively engage in physical education, sports training, scientific research and organization and management in the field of physical education and training, as well as having good humanities, outstanding professional qualities and practical ability.

Research Direction
Sports Training Techniques and Tactics Research, Leisure Sports Research, Sports and Fitness Research, College Physical Education Research

Doctoral Supervisor
QIU Yajun, ZHANG Hui

Master Supervisor
LIU Wenming, QIU Yajun, SHAN Yaping, WU Yehai, ZHANG Hui

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