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Ethnic Traditional Sports

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The discipline of Ethnic Traditional Sports is based on the inheritance and development of the traditional culture of the nation. It is compatible with the development model of Zhejiang University and is committed to promoting the internationalization of national traditional sports. Relying on the strong faculty of the university, this discipline has formed a team of teachers with a high degree of combination of theory, practice and innovation. There are 2 professors, 5 associate professors and 1 assistant professor, among them there are 1 international referee and 2 national judges. Based on professional technology, the Disciplinecultivate students' grasp of the frontiers of international martial arts through effective knowledge and effective activities, helping them become a leading talent in the field of martial arts.

Research Direction
Traditional Sports Theory and Practice, Martial Arts Theory and Methods, Sports and Health

Master Supervisor
GUO Yi, LIN Xiaomei, WU Jian, ZHENG fang

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