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Center for International Education Research, ZJU

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As an university-level research institute, founded in 2016 and administratively affiliated with College of Education, Zhejiang University Center for International Education Research(CIER)was founded in the course of the decisive stage in building ZJU into a world-class university, which sits alongside the country’s building world-class universities and first-class disciplines.
Scientific research is what inspires the Center to advance. The CIER integrates eminent research teams from university's comparative education discipline, which currently composes of 8 professors, 5 associate professors, and 2 assistant professors, who are strong in capacity of academic ability, cross-cultural communication skills, and with international experience of a high order. The Center focuses on comparative education research of a wide range of countries, including United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Russia, France, Germany, South Korea, Italy, etc.

The CIER has pioneered and pushed ahead, perused innovation, with major achievements made in all respects. The Center has worked on more than 20 research projects including 1 National Social Science Fund project, 3 national-level projects, 1 UNESCO project, as well as a great amount of research projects which are supported by enterprise. Since the foundation of the Center, it has won almost 10 academic research prizes and published almost 10 books (3 books were published in English) and more than 70 journal articles (12 SSCI articles). The CIER also organizes regularly conferences or academic workshops on important topics.

In order to support the implementation of the internationalization strategy at ZJU and the new advance in China's opening up in higher education, the CIER builds on and further enriches the fine tradition of comparative education discipline at Zhejiang University, and strives to achieve breakthrough in academic research, advisory and consulting, international cooperation and discipline construction.

Director of CIER: Prof. SONG Yonghua
Deputy directors of CIER: Prof. WU Xueping and Associate Prof. LIU Shuhua
Contact: Ms. CAO Lu
Tel: +86-571-88273972

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