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Public Management

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The major of Public Management is committed to cultivating high-quality and compound management professionals and leaders that master the basic theories of public management, and are familiar with the relevant disciplines of sociology, economics, law, education, etc. They will systematically understand public policies, regulations, and international practices and rules; have high moral character and broad international vision; possess good organizational planning ability, communication and coordination ability, independent learning ability, innovation and entrepreneurship ability and practical execution ability; skilled in the use of qualitative and quantitative research methods in the area of public management.
Graduates can continue their studies or work in government organizations, schools and universities, adult education, and other public organizations.

Core Courses
Public Administration, Human Resource Development and Management, Management Psychology, Administrative Law, Public Policy, Educational Planning and Decision Making, Educational Leadership and Management, Public Relations, Information Management and E-Government, NGO Management, Public Finance

Length of Schooling
4 years

Bachelor 's Degree in Management


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