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ZJU Delegation Visits Shimane University and Hiroshima University

Date: 2018-07-22       Visitcount: 448

 A delegation of two faculty members and 13 students from ZJU’s College of Education visited Shimane University and Hiroshima University in Japan on invitation on July 11-19, 2018.


The delegation paid a visit to Shimane University and Hiroshima Universityrespectively and were warmly welcomed. In Shimane University,the professors and students played live and chorused the anthem of Zhejiang University, singing the lyrics composed in ancient Chinese fluently and melodiously, which deeply moved the delegation. Dr. LIN Nan, associate professor of Department of Sports Science, and Dr. SHI Chenhui, director of Graduate Office of College of Education, conducted in-depth communication with Prof. Akira DEGUCHI, vice president of Shimane University and Prof. Tatsuya KAWASOI, deputy dean of the School of Education. The two Japanese universities spoke highly of the students of Zhejiang University, and have expressed their expectation of more in-depth exchanges and cooperation with College of Education of Zhejiang University.



As scheduled, the delegation attended the classes on practices of sports physiology and educational practice research respectively, experienced the traditional Japanese national sports Kendo, and visited the affiliated kindergarten, primary school and high school. During the sidelines of the academic exchange, the delegation visited Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and some other historic venues as well to get a better understanding of Japanese history and culture.






Shimane University was formally established in 1949 and merged with the Shimane Medical University in 2003, and it has grown into a multi-disciplinary university today. The motto of Shimane University is growing with people and with the region. Zhejiang University and Shimane University signed an academic exchange agreement in 2015.

Hiroshima University is a first class national university in Japan. Since established in 1929 by the merger of a number of national educational institutions,Hiroshima University has grown into a multi-disciplinary university today. It is recognized as one of the top-brand majors in Pedagogy. 

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