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Recounting Friendship, Seeking Development Together―Alumni with teachers and students of College of Education celebrating the 117th anniversary of Zhejiang University, discussing educational reform an

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    On May 17th, alumni, teachers and students of the College of Education reunited at the Xixi and Zijingang Campuses, to celebrate the 117th anniversary of Zhejiang University (ZJU) together. During the one-day event, participants attended the expanded alumni council meeting of the College of Education (COE), drank tea and shared a heated discussion about the further development of the COE in Nan Hua Yuan.

second expanded alumni council meeting of the COE, the Chair is Ms. Zhang Lina, Party committee secretary of the COE
the principal assistant and vice president of the alumni association, Ms Zhang Meifeng expressed her congratulations at the meeting. She said that in the past 85 years, the COE has cultivated a large number of talents, and has made substantial progress. Alumni of the COE coming back from all over the country let her feel the profound friendship for their alma mater. She wished the alumni wisdom and dedicated more resources for the development of the COE.
we should better relate education and talent cultivation with economic construction", said Mr. Xie Shuangcheng, 1995 graduate of teaching theory and is now the Vice mayor of Hangzhou
I am grateful that ZJU has guarded my soul", said Dr. Mao Xuefei, Party Secretary of Shuren University. She believes that the tradition of QiushiYuying has been inherited and carried forward very well through talent cultivation and faculty construction.
"let the students be educated with pleasure and happiness”, 1991 graduate of the Department of Physical Education, now the director of the Elementary Education Department of the Education Bureau of Shenzhen City, Mr. Yao Yiqin expected that the alma mater play a more important role in national elementary education reform.
"Young scholars should try their best to surpass the antecessors", vice president of the branch of the Alumni Association and vice executive president of Zhejiang Social Science Association, Dr. Shao Qing encouraged young scholars to be more energetic and open-minded.
"It is necessary to innovate the alumni organizations", said Mr. Lin Zhengfan,1999 graduate of comparative education, the former President of Hangzhou Normal University.
"We are together", 1979 graduate of the Department of physical education, now the Party Committee Secretary of Wenzhou University, Dr. Chen Fusheng is willing to create more opportunities to make contributions to the development of the COE.
"love our home", 2002 graduate of the Department of physical education, just coming back from subprefect job attachment in Yunnan Pu'er, Mr. Shen Liyong is one of the youngest alumnis. He said the college has given consistent focus from beginning to end on youths’ work and he was willing to make joint efforts together.


   "the current development and construction goals of the COE", Dean and Professor Xu Xiaozhou is making the report.



        The session of the Education College Alumni Association branch was held in the 520 Hall of Tianjiabing Building on the Xixi campus in the morning. Zhang Lina, Party secretary of the COE, hosted the meeting. More than 80 alumni and student representatives made it a vivid get-together with interesting youth memories, unforgettable friendship, serious thought on future education in China, as well as pure happiness on returning to their alma mater.
        The principal assistant, vice president of the Alumni Association, Ms Zhang Meifeng expressed congratulations and thanks to the alumni for coming back to attend the anniversary of ZJU.
        "It feels really good to be home." When the alumni returned to their alma mater, whether they were students, government officials, university presidents or entrepreneurs, all seemed to return to their previous student age. Memories are not only about teachers and students learning together, but also about anecdotes of classmates working hard together as well as “dorm brothers”, and the age of "naughty us". The alumni said, “I really appreciate teachers’ strict requirements", "the faculty (atmosphere) was both serious and warm". After listening to Dean and Professor Xu Xiaozhou's working report, the alumni turned to serious discussion about the further development of the COE, university and even China's Education. 
        President of the COE's alumni council and Dean of the COE, Professor Xu Xiaozhou gave a report titled "the Current Development and Construction Goal of COE" to the alumni. By reviewing the history and change of the COE, Professor Xu Xiaozhou gave a detailed introduction to the development and progress in terms of talent cultivation, faculty team construction, teaching reform, research and service, international exchange and cooperation. He pointed out that guided by the "Six Development Strategy" of ZJU and the goal of developing a world advanced education college, the COE should follow the new development roadmap. The COE will further rely on the three platforms of UNESCO for international cooperation to further enhance international influence and to form a more stable and   closer cooperative partnership with high level international educational institutions.
        Dean Xu gave special thanks to alumni and directors to "recount friendship and seek development together". He gave a warm welcome to the alumni to "often return back home to have a look", and to explore the construction of the college and the university, the future education of China.
        Later, dozens of alumni also visited Zijingang Campus. The alumni participated in activities and were all excited about the idea of "Alumni think-tank”. Young students will cherish and strive for the opportunity to study in the COE, while young faculty will work hard to make more academic contributions. Alumni, faculty and students will face new challenges, stand in the new historical starting point, and bear the heavy tasks together. Hand in hand, we will create new brilliant achievements, build a world advanced education college, protect and pursue our common values. 


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