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A delegation from the Department of Physical Education met the Chairman of The World Leisure Organization, Dr. Derek Casey in the UK

Date: 2013-05-13       Visitcount: 914

    On May 1st , 2013, Dr. Derek Casey, the Chair of the Board of Directors, World Leisure Organization flew from Scotland to Birmingham to meet the delegation headed by the director, Professor Lin Xiaomei of the Department of Physical Education, the College of Education. Dr. Casey is the former Chief Executive of the UK Sports Council. He founded the Sports Lottery Fund and many sports facilities for his country. In addition, he is well known in the field of international sports and leisure sports. The purpose of this meeting was to give comprehensive knowledge about the sports system in the UK, especially university sports systems of university to the delegation.

    Dr. Casey gave an introduction to the history of mass sports and competitive sports to the delegation, and talked about the government’s series of policies to keep a balance among the development of mass sports, competitive sports and intercollegiate sports. In addition, he also told the delegates about the system of cultivating high-level Olympic athletes in the UK.

    The delegation is very much appreciated for Dr. Casey’s visit, and exchanged opinions on the strategy of how to train high level Olympic athletes and how to cultivate national competitive sports, mass sports and leisure sports talents. 


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