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Professor Kwon Dae Bong from Korea University, South Korea visited our college

Date: 2013-04-08       Visitcount: 1229

    Professor Kwon Dae Bong from Korea University, South Korea visited our college and gave an academic lecture on March 28, 2013. The title of Professor Kwon’s lecture was “Human Resource Development Policy in the Republic of Korea.”

    Professor Kwon introduced many issues concerning human resource development in South Korea such as origins, development motivation, and future directions. He explained the relationship between education and South Korean economic development and how human resource development fits into the development of South Korea. According to Professor Kwon, the main motivation of human resource development includes education passion and interest and government oriented education systems. Through his lecture he gave examples of the relation between human resource development and economic development, how to strengthen vocational education and training, plans for efficient education finance management and many other areas. Finally, he introduced past, present, and future human resource development in South Korea and provided several development trends for references.

    Associate Professor Gilsun Song hosted the lecture and Associate Professor Kan Yue, Mei Weihui, and Liu Shuhua and master and doctoral students participated in the lecture. There were in-depth communication and discussions regarding human resources development and the many opportunities and challenges education currently faces as well as other issues. At the end of the lecture, Director and Professor Wu Xueping presented Professor Kown Dae Bong with school gifts.



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