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Date: 2012-11-09       Visitcount: 897

    On Nov.5, 2012, Dr John Shuttleworth from UCD gave a lesson to the graduates in the Department of Physical Education.
    The topic of this lesson was Ethics in Sport: Implications for the Sport Coach & Manager. He presented a lot of issues about misconduct for athletes, coaches, and managers. It included cheating, drug, racial discrimination, violence, sexual assault, abusing children and so on. He cited many examples to deeply indicate the bad influence caused by these problems. In addition, he indicated that coaches and managers should be responsible to demonstrate and set high moral and ethical standards.
    Finally, students asked professor Shuttleworth some questions that they were interested in and he gave his answers.
    Students were all attracted by professor Shuttleworth’s impressive and humorous words .The atmosphere of the class was heated. From this class, students learned more about ethics in sports. Furthermore, professor Shuttleworth helped students by explaining and analysing issues from an international perspective.


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