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Dr Lijun Jane Zhou from Department of Physical Education, College of Education,Zhejiang University Attended the 1st LARASA Congress

Date: 2012-03-29       Visitcount: 2268

    Invited by Dr. Maliga Naidoo, Chairman of Leisure and Recreation of South Africa Association (LARASA), Dr Lijun Jane Zhou, Deputy Director of Department of Physical Education, College of Education, Zhejiang University attended the first LARASA Congress in Durban, South Africa from March 12th to 16th, 2012. As a keynote speaker, Dr Lijun Jane Zhou gave a speech titled “Leisure and wellness: Chinese Perspectives.” In addition, Dr Lijun Jane Zhou served as a session chair for the “Leisure and Youth Development” session and gave a lecture titled “Leisure: Definition, Patterns and Constraints-A Study of University Students in China”.

    More than 200 leisure scholars from 30 countries attended the congress to discuss the three themes: leisure promoting a healthy lifestyle, leisure programs for communities, and leisure and youth development. During the conference, Dr Lijun Jane Zhou introduced the Department of Physical Education, College of Education and discussed with scholars research cooperation and student exchange programs among universities in the future.
    Accompanied by Dr. Maliga Naidoo, Dr Lijun Jane Zhou visited the University of Kwazulu-Natal, the University of Cape Town, LARASA and leisure programs in Cape Town.
    This visit was a great success. It is not only served to further understanding of the new developments in leisure study in the world, but also also as an opportunity to discuss preliminary cooperation plans on the study of leisure participation of college students in Asia, Africa and America.

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