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Foreign professors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill discuss Sino-US education and social development with Zhejiang University students

Date: 2011-12-21       Visitcount: 1351

    On December 15, 2011, Professor McDiarmid from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNCCH) and his delegation participated in an undergraduate student class and discussed common issues concerning Sino-US education and social development. Dean and Professor Xu Xiaozhou hosted this activity along with Mr. Luo jian and Miss Xu Ying from the Foreign Affairs Office, Zhejiang University.

     Professor McDiarmid introduced UNCCH which included its history, cultural environment, and campus and focused on the distinguished curriculum of the College of Education, UNCCH. Our students asked questions relating to social science research areas, public policy making in American Society, and American undergraduate education. The students engaged in energetic discussion with the professors on Chinese education and problems of the social security system.

    Concerning student evaluation, Professor McDiarmid pointed out that standards of student evaluation are not limited to certain aspects; he encouraged student development, improvement of various skills and accomplishments, the fostering of self-development and leadership skills. He also highly respected the sharp and vivid expression of Zhejiang University undergraduate students. Professor Xu urged students to cherish the chances and opportunities to communicate with foreign scholars. He encouraged more thinking and more questions which foster students’ intelligence, learning, and industriousness.

    UNCCH was founded in 1792 and has long historical and cultural standing and rich academic research strength. In 2011, UNCCH was ranked 55th by QS World University Ranking and won high admiration in sports competitions and activities such as basketball and football in the USA.


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