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Vice President of University of Padua Visited College of Education

Date: 2011-12-15       Visitcount: 1233

    On December 8th, 2011, Dr. Paolo Bellamoli, the vice president of the University of Padua, and Professor Roberto Filippini from the Faculty of Engineering and Management, University of Padua, visited the College of Education at Zhejiang University.
In the morning, Professor Xu Xiaozhou, Dean of the College of Education welcomed them on behalf of our college. They actively discussed exchange programs for faculty and students, entrepreneurship education, co-organization of summer school and others. They agreed that entrepreneurship education is a very important issue in global educational development and that further cooperation between the two colleges will mainly focus on curriculum development, teacher training, and the construction of overseas bases related to the entrepreneur field through the platform of the UNESCO Chair in Entrepreneurship Education at Zhejiang University.
    In the afternoon, Dr. Paolo Bellamoli and Professor Roberto Filippini gave a lecture to undergraduate students titled “Knowledge Management and the development of dynamic capabilities” at the Zijingang Campus. Paolo Bellamoli is in charge of Fondazione CUOA's international education, training and technical assistance projects. He has been responsible for the identification, formulation and management of international training, capacity building and technical assistance projects in a number of countries. Professor Roberto Filippini is an expert in the area of innovation management which includes capacity building and development, knowledge generation and management, international training management. They introduced the relationship between knowledge management and the development of dynamic capabilities.

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December 10th, 2011

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