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UNESCO Director Gwang-Jo Kim to be Guest Professor of Zhejiang University

Date: 2011-09-27       Visitcount: 1803

    On Sept. 24th, Professor Wang-Jo Kim (Director of UNESCO’s Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education located in Bangkok) was awarded a visiting professorship in Zhejiang University. The Dean of the College of Education Xu Xiaozhou, Director of the Education Department Wu Xueping, associate professor Gilsun Song, Associate professor Kan Yue, Lecturer Mei Weihui and many postgraduate and undergraduate students attended the ceremony. During the ceremony, Professor Xu awarded the visiting professorship certificate to Professor Kim in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


     Following the ceremony, Professor Kim delivered his lecture entitled “The Role of UNESCO in Education in a Changing World.” His report focused on the important trends in our changing world, implications for education and educational realities, UNESCO at a glance, and UNESCO Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education.

     Dean Xu also suggested ways in which our students should listen to different points of view. He discussed methods for giving presentations and how to engage in logical and critical thinking, data analysis, and other various dimensions. Through active communication with Director Kim, our teachers and students promoted more actual recognition of current international education developments and challenges.

    The lecture was insightful and led many to reflect deeply and raise interesting questions. Professor Kim answered these questions in great detail and all were inspired by his presence and talk.


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