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Notice of Aid Education Project for “De Tian Primary School”

Date: 2011-09-27       Visitcount: 2910

    The Aid Education Project for “De Tian Primary School” is one of the activities of the College of Education, which is part of the activities of “Volunteers’ Home”. The volunteers are graduate students majoring in Curriculum, Principles of Education and so on. This voluntary project aims to help the primary students who are poor in English. This project makes full use of graduate students’ professional knowledge to inspire primary students’ confidence and interests in English language study. The project for the 2011-2012 academic year will start soon. We would like to recruit some volunteers from the whole university. You are welcome to join us!

Position description:

1. Be able to teach English every Friday afternoon in the De Tian Primary School
2. Organize some interesting activities for the students, such as chorus and English drama.

Application requirements:

1. be free every Friday afternoon
2. be caring and patient, be able to communicate with the primary students
3. Those who have experience in English teaching and aid education will be considered first

Ways of Application:

Responsible person: Xiaoyan Zhu

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