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Admission Notice of “Sunshine Volunteer-- Traditional Fitness Training Course in Fall Semester 2011-2012 by College of Education

Date: 2011-09-13       Visitcount: 2975

    The Traditional Fitness Training Course is one of the most important activities in the overall “Sunshine Volunteer Project” in the College of Education at Zhejiang University. This activity makes full use of the advantages of students majoring in national traditional sports, inviting high-level martial arts athletes as volunteers to provide free training in Tai Ji & Kong Fu for teachers and students in Zhejiang University.

The admission information is as follows:

1. Content and Time
Xixi campus: Fitness Qigong•BaDuanJin
Time: Every Monday, from 12:30—13:30
Zijingang campus: Fitness Qigong•BaDuanJin
Time: Every Saturday, from 9:00—10:00

2. Targets
All teachers and students from Zhejiang University (Teachers aged less than 50 have priority)

3. Venues
Xixi campus: third floor of the Comprehensive Sport Building, Xixi campus
Zijinang campus: East of the open space, the Little Theatre Zijinang Campus

Contact person:Gao Lujie   18768117542(527407)

Department of sports science
Young League
Volunteer’s Home
Of College of Education
September 13, 2011


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