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Professor Zhengwei Liu Attend the Symposium “Educational Innovations and Reform in Countries around the World” in the USA

Date: 2011-08-31       Visitcount: 1396

    Invited by the director of Global Curriculum Research Institute (Seattle Pacific University) professor Arthur K. Ellis, our faculty deputy dean professor Zhengwei Liu and Doctor Liya Tu attended the symposium “Educational Innovations and Reform in Countries around the World” held in Seattle Pacific University from June 29th to July 1st. Educational scholars and researchers from around the world joined together to share their experience and research concerning educational innovations and reform worldwide.
    Professor Zhengwei Liu and Doctor Liya Tu were also invited to give presentations at the symposium respectively on the topic of “The 30 Years Journey of Chinese Language Education in China in Basic Education: Reconstruction of Concept and Transition of Discourse” and “Projection and Construction: Correlation of Curriculum Reform and Its Policy Ecology: An Analysis on China’s National New Curriculum Reform”, which aroused great interest and discussions among the representatives. The symposium agenda was full and substantial enabling scholars from all over the world to join together for future educational innovation and development as well as future cooperation at all levels.
    During the visit to the USA, the delegation also visited the University of Washington and Stanford University.


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