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The summary of Sunshine volunteers project Green Education in Qiushi Primary School 2011

Date: 2011-06-20       Visitcount: 1165

    Green Education in Qiushi Primary School is a project engaging pupils in activities which encourage them to understand things happening around them, to take action to protect the environment. Since March, the Green Education project has organized two classroom teaching activities and one dress designing activity, which involved 15 volunteers.

    In the teaching activities, volunteers focused on the environmental-friendly themes of water culture, flowers and plants, healthy eating, trash classification recycling, using various forms, such as teaching, handiwork, experiments, and so on, which gave the pupils rich and meaningful lessons. Through a serious of classroom activities, the pupils gained a deep understanding of the themes, and, at the same time, were inspired to compete for young environmental protection guard in daily life.

    The volunteers took active parts in the “Green” Education, and their classroom teaching and dress designing was of high quality. It is worth mentioning that the activity attracted a lot of volunteers from the pedagogy major, employing what they’ve learned from major to the teaching activities, and improving themselves through reflection and summary.

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