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Prof. Wu Xueping visited universities in Denmark and Sweden

Date: 2011-06-15       Visitcount: 1664

    Prof. Wu Xeuping, Associate Prof. Song Gilsun and Dr. Mei Weihui were invited to visit Roskilde University in Denmark and Malmo University in Sweden. Prof. Hanne Leth-Andersen, Pro Rector of Roskilde University and Prof. Ingrid Elam, Pro Rector of Malmo University warmly welcomed the visiting delegation. The delegation also participated in the International Seminar on “Learning in Work Life and Innovation in Formal Education” held in Roskilde University June 2-12, 2011.
    Roskilde University is one of the eight research universities in Denmark, belonging to the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. Roskilde University has a profound research foundation in the areas of vocational education, adult education and lifelong learning. In September 2008, Roskilde University and Zhejiang University signed a cooperative agreement.
    During the international seminar, Prof. Wu Xueping gave a keynote speech on “Vocational Education Reform in China”, which analyzed the system of vocational education in China and the aims and content of vocational education reform in China. Associate Prof. Song Gilsun gave a speech on “Fostering Innovative Talent in Chinese Keystone Universities: A New Educational Paradigm”, which analyzed the role of keystone universities in the construction of an Innovative National System and made a comparison of different models among Tsinghua University, Peking University and Zhejiang University. Dr. Mei Weihui gave a speech on “Entrepreneurship Education for University Students”, which introduced the necessities, policies and practices of entrepreneurship education in China.


    Prof. WU Xueping and Prof. Henning Salling Olesen, the organizer of the international seminar,Prof. Wu Xeuping, Associate Prof. Song Gilsun and Dr. Mei Weihui also visited Malmo University in Sweden. This young university is actively promoting internationalization, and encouraging interdisciplinary methods.
    During their visit, the three universities discussed how to promote cooperation in teaching innovation andfaculty and student mobility and research. 

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