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The College of Education successfully held the “2011 WUN Hangzhou Forum”

Date: 2011-05-27       Visitcount: 1454

      On May 25, the “2011 WUN Hangzhou Forum” was successfully held on Xi Xi campus. This forum was co-organized by the World University Network (WUN), Zhejiang University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The name of this forum was “Trade in Higher Education Services: Comparative and International Perspectives.” More than 60 experts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Bristol University, Seoul National University, Western Austrian University, the University of Cape Town, the Hong Kong Institute of Education and Zhejiang University attended the forum. 

      At the opening ceremony, Professor Xu Xiaozhou, Dean of the College of Education, ZJU, and Professor Li Min, Deputy Director of the Department of International Relations, ZJU, gave the welcoming remarks and congratulatory remarks respectively. In a one-day forum, scholars shared their latest research results on “One Way Educational Trade,” “Models of Higher Education Trade,” “Transnational Higher Education in Asia,” “Demands and Challenges of Educational Cooperation in China,” “History of Transnational Higher Education,” “Universities in a Global Knowledge Space,” “World-Class Research University” and so on. Finally, Professor Xu Xiaozhou and Professor Amy Stambach, Deputy Director of International Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison concluded the forum, and expressed their sincere thanks to all participants. 

      This forum has deeply discussed the frontier problems and progress of higher education trade, promoted academic communication among WUN members, and made remarkable contributions to the internationalization of the College of Education and the development of Comparative Education as a discipline.

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