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To Honor the Glory, and Hope for Future Prospects――The Successful Commendation Conference in Recognition of Outstanding Graduate and Undergraduate Student Study and Practices, 2009-2010, College of Ed

Date: 2011-01-12       Visitcount: 942

    On January 9, 2011, at 6:00 PM, the commendation conference in recognition of outstanding graduate and undergraduate student study and practices for the 2009-2010 academic year was convened by the College of Education, Zhejiang University. Xu Xiaozhou, Dean of the College of Education , Xu Maijin, the Party Secretary, Gu Jianmin, the Vice Dean, Yu Kehong, the Vice Dean, Zhao Weipin, the Assistant to the President and Party Secretary, Wang Jue, the deputy party secretary and other teachers of the leadership department, undergraduate health class, tutors, and students of the party branch were all in attendance at the conference. The conference was chaired by Zhang Haijing, the Vice-Chairman of the College’s Graduate Student Council.
    The conference began with a solemn delivery of the national anthem. First, Dean Xu Xiaozhou addressed all in attendance. With humorous expressions, he briefly recalled his experience in achieving scholarships during his school years, and shared the joy with everyone. Then he congratulated the award-winning students. He also used plain language to express his good wishes towards the teachers and students, saying that this moment has brought much-needed warmth during these cold winter days, and he also wished a happy new year to all the teachers and students.
    Prior to the recognition of outstanding students, the teachers and students firstly congratulated this year's excellent teachers. Afterwards, Teacher Wang Jue awarded each and every outstanding student from various categories. The ceremony was carried out amid passionate and joyful music.
    After the awarding ceremony, four student representatives respectively gave four presentations concerning their performances. Xia Yueting is an undergraduate student from the class of 2009. Her integrated development of learning, research and practice presented a wonderful example to every student. As a graduate student, Xin Yueyou’s experience of "based on local service, using an international perspective" greatly enlightened the graduate students on their future study and research prospects. Wei Ge, an undergraduate from the class of 2008, participated in and chaired several research projects at the provincial and school level. He presented a demonstration themed as "from practice to research", and shared his experiences and understandings. Shen Juang and Huang Fangfang’s experiences as exchange students to the Hong Kong Institute of Education also benefited the students. Their experiences all indicated what a qualified student from an Institute of Education in a Research University could do.
    Afterwards, Teacher Wang awarded the excellent groups, followed by the presentations of their performances. Both the Detian Primary school volunteer program and Mingchuan volunteer projects fully demonstrated the capacity of the College’s “Sunshine Volunteer" project. Meanwhile, domestic and overseas exchange programs have become a significant approach for the students to participate in advanced and internationalized education, and have also inspired students to think further about the ideas and acts of a "World-class University" and "Internationalization of Education".
After the cheerful session of "Embracing the New Year and sending blessings", this Commendation Conference came to an end with everyone singing the school anthem. The achievements in 2010 had become history, and a whole new year of hope and challenge was approaching us, which would be met with all our endeavors to create a brand new 2011.

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