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Dean Professor Xu Xiao Zhou and the CE-ZJU Delegation’s Successful Visit to Seoul National University, Korea

Date: 2010-11-24       Visitcount: 2689

        From the 15th to 18th of December 2010, in response to an invitation from the College of Education at Seoul National University (CE-SNU) deputy dean professor Xu Xiaozhou, vice dean professor Liu Zhengwei, vice director Xiao Longhai, and assistant dean Gilsun Song visited the CE-SNU, South Korea. The aim of this visit focused on research cooperation, international conferences and workshops, the exchange of faculty and students, the joint cultivation of students and other areas of interest. The visit took place over three days and was a great success. 

        On December 15, our mission included accompanying vice dean Professor Zhen around Seoul Science Park, a place for young students to learn science through practice. Through interesting experiences and activities, the park provides students the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge science and technological experiments. At the same time, the Science Park also provides chances for primary and secondary teachers to train and develop science and technological knowledge and skills. 

        On the 16th of December, our mission was to visit SNU affiliated primary schools and women’s middle schools in order to obtain an understanding of Korean compulsory education, its selection system, the teaching of courses, and international communication through listening in on classes and engaging in informal discussions. Introductions given by the principals of the schools and interaction between teachers and students also provided us with a chance to explore and understand the Korean education system. 

        On the afternoon of the 16th Dean Xu gave an introduction to the development and reformation of the College of Education, Zhejiang University. Dean Xu presented an academic lecture for scholars and graduate students entitled “Entrepreneurship Education Development and Future in China.” The rich academic lecture infused with Dean Xu’s humor was well-received by the Korean scholars and students. 

        On the 17th, we attended an SNU faculty meeting concerning research cooperation. Faculty members from both sides actively discussed related academic fields and interests and both sides put forward proposals concerning how to work closely in areas of research and discipline development through establishing international research workshops and teams.

        This visit expanded channels for our college’s internationalization and deepened understanding between Chinese and Korean education. During the visit, we processed a series of high quality international cooperative activities such as programs for the exchange of faculty and students, invitations for faculty and students for upcoming workshops, and programs for visiting professors. At the same time, both sides discussed research projects focusing on entrepreneurship education, innovative education, lifelong learning, and the comparison of language curriculum in order to set the seal on favorable support for our mutual international development.

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