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The Football Team of Seoul National University successfully visited the Department of Physical Education in the College of Education at Zhejiang University

Date: 2010-10-28       Visitcount: 3172

        The football team of Seoul National University, which was led by the department head, Professor Cheulsoo Chung, had visited the Department of Physical Education in the College of Education in Zhejiang University during Oct 22nd to Oct 26th, 2010. Two friendly matches between the football teams of Seoul National University and Zhejiang University were held in the Yuquan and Xixi campuses. Typhoon Catfish, as well as the strong cold air, had struck Hangzhou during the visit. However, the players of the two teams, regardless of the bad weather, played well and made joint effort in the two games. Spectators around the playground all enjoyed the matches because of the fabulous performance of the two teams, as well as their spirit in team work, and mutual trust. The football team of Zhejiang University has won the competition by 3:3 and 3:2.

        During the visit, the secretary of the Party committee of the college, Xu Maijin, along with the vice president of the college, Yu Kehong, had met the players of the teams. Professor Xu gave the speech to show our warm welcome to the visitors. He hoped that the two universities could enhance their communication and friendship by friendly matches between the two football teams. This could also promote exchanges and the prosperity of the two countries.

        Seoul National University is the best national university in Korea, and the 6th in Asia according to QS2010 ranking in Britain. This university has always paid attention to the development of students’ sports affairs, and regarded sports as the method to the construction of its unique cultural, as well as the cultivation of the overall quality of its students. The table tennis team of Seoul University has visited Zhejiang University for a lot of times. In 2009, the two universities had signed a memo for football exchanges with the will to use football, which is the most popular game in the world, as a medium for long-term communication and exchanges between the two universities. In the same year, the football team of Zhejiang University visited Seoul National University. That was the beginning of a new chapter in the exchanges between the two sides.



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