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Party Ends, Music Lasts--on the 2010 Cultural Exchange Program Between Italian and Chinese Students of 2010

Date: 2010-08-31       Visitcount: 1174

        The evening of July 26th 2010 marked the approaching towards the end of the successful exchange program between Italian and Chinese students, on which Mr. Socol Carol, Professor of Zhejiang University and president of the Education Consulting Co., Ltd, presented certificates to the Italian students. Afterwards, the trip to Shanghai EXPO on the 29th and 30th of July drew a perfect closure to this exchange program.
        On the night of July 26th, students from both Italy and China, together with Professor Socol Carol and Mei Weihui from the Education Department, all gathered at Lingfeng Restaurant for the dinner party. Halway through, Professor Socol awarded the Italian students their certificates, which excited them so much that some of them began kissing the certificates while others began “showing them off” to their fellow Chinese friends. Fully aware that this gathering was the Italian students’ last formal dinner with the Chinese students in Hangzhou, everyone cherished it with extra value. Games were played and private conversations shared all the students bonded closer than ever before, which had become the best goodbye present for each other.

        At 3 o’clock, July 28th, both the Italian and Chinese students departed for Shanghai, and arrived to a the splendid night scene in the great metropolis city. On the 29th, walking down Nanjing Street, the Italian students truly appreciated the prosperous beauty of this cosmopolitan city; the experience of alleyways with ancient Chinese characteristics revealed the simple and sincere facet of old Shanghai. The blending and coexistence of the two totally different aspects provided the Italian students with a whole new perspective. On the 30th, the students arrived at the EXPO and visited the Italian and Chinese Pavilion, which separately expressed the fashionable and modern side of Italy and the magnificent and solemn facet of China. With time ticking towards six o’clock, everyone gathered before the Italian Pavilion to say their final goodbyes. In the last ten minutes before each group headed in different directions, everyone, full of tears, hugged each other.

        Two weeks is indeed a short period in our lives however, as influential as it can be, it is enough to nourish a lifelong friendship. Regardless of living in different countries, we sincerely believe that although the party has come to its inevitable ending, the music of the friendship between Italian and Chinese students will echo in our hearts.

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