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Memories will never fade----Congratulations on a successful final sitting of the Italian and Chinese students studying tours

Date: 2010-08-10       Visitcount: 1593

    In the evening on July 26th, 2010, the third group of Italian and Chinese students had dinner with the CEO of the Italy-China Education Company and Professor Socol Carlo, and received their certificates from the company, which together with a two-day visit to the Shanghai EXPO, drew the end of this summer’s studying tours in Hangzhou, China.

    In the evening, both Socol Carlo and lecturer Weihui Mei from the College of Education attended the dinner in Lingfeng Hotel. During the dinner, Professor Socol Carlo issued the certificates to the Italian students, who were excited to be together with the Chinese students. As the last formal dinner for the Italian-Chinese group, both sides valued the chance to communicate and express their appreciation.
    The group set off at 3 p.m. on the 28th and reached Shanghai with all lights on. This was the first time for the Italian students to visit Shanghai and all of them were amazed by the flourishing metropolis. On the 29th, they strolled along Nanjing Road, which is the most famous commercial street in Shanghai. They went through alleys to explore the other side of the city. The next day, the group went to the EXPO and visited the Italy and China Stadiums; each presented their own unique characteristics. After the visit the Italian and Chinese students needed to each take their separate ways, one to the airport and the other to the train station.
    Two weeks is short compared with a long life; however, we believe the friendship we built between the two countries will never fade.


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